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Real Estate Major/Minor

Real Estate Major


Are you undecided about or unhappy with your major? If so, have you considered majoring in Real Estate?


SDSU's Real Estate degree is technically an 'emphasis' within the B.S. in Business Administration degree (which is also the case for the school's Accounting, Finance, Financial Services, I.S., Management, and Marketing degrees). Students pursuing a Real Estate degree take courses in real estate, finance, information systems, management, marketing, public administration, accountancy, and economics - providing a wide breadth of knowledge for those who obtain it.

Real Estate Minor

Maybe you are confident with your major but still want an education in real estate?


Then the Real Estate minor might be just the minor for you!


HOT OFF THE PRESS: Prior to Fall 2012, students were not allowed to elect a minor from the same college in which they were pursuing a major (ie. if your major was within the College of Business Administration, you could not elect a minor within the College of Business Administration). That has all changed now and students may elect a major and minor from the same college!


This makes it even easier for students interested in learning about real estate to elect it as their minor.

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