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    RES was conceived in 2005 by two students who wanted to learn more than what was offered in the traditional classroom setting. Since then, RES has grown into one of the premier student groups on the SDSU campus.

    Every year we deliver a complete spectrum of information, educational and networking opportunities to our members. We began each year by helping students learn what it takes to obtain a CA real estate license which is followed by extensive training providing members with unparalleled opportunities to secure entry level positions in commercial real estate brokerage, real estate investment banking and finance, real estate development, real estate appraisal, land planning, construction, land planning, and accountancy with local real estate companies. We also assist students with the development of their resumes while coaching them on how to interview properly. 

    Prominent and influential real estate leaders give presentations every other week to RES members on campus. The topics covered include real estate development, residential and commercial real estate brokerage, leasing, real estate finance and investment banking, property management, leasing, residential and commercial appraisal, construction and engineering, land planning, real estate economics, as well as how to become a real estate agent, mortgage broker or escrow officer. 

    Our goal has always been to not only expose our members to different job opportunities in the San Diego real estate marketplace so members can make an informed decision on what field to enter after graduation, but also to provide them with all of the necessary tools, skills, information and resources to successfully secure a lucrative position in their preferred field immediately after graduating.

    Every year, our members are honored with scholarships, internships and ultimately lucrative jobs. Past scholarships exclusive to RES members have included, but in are certainly not limited to: four scholarships at $2000 each from NAIOP and SIOR, four scholarships at $500 each from The Corky McMillin Companies, as well as scholarships from the San Diego Appraisal Institute and CCIM. These scholarships are awarded to RES members that apply and are selected for the scholarships. On average, 20+ RES members are hired directly out of school every semester.

    But we still have much work to do.  Your participation in and sponsorship of the Society will allow us to broaden our curriculum and to expand our reach.  

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