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Gabhart Investments, Inc.




Investments, Multi-family


Gabhart Investments, Inc. (GII) is the managing member of real estate funds specializing in acquiring, renovating and upgrading multi-family properties and single family homes. Having the advantage of recovering sooner than many others from the latest downturn and a recent track record of success, GII has elected to capitalize on the opportunities that are available in today real estate marketplace by forming a new capital structure. Real Estate opportunity fund(s) as an assertive means to expand our sales volume in an effort to provide more profitable returns to our investor partners.


Lake Houzz

Tucked away in the hills is the most stunning California residence you’ve ever imagined. Although this lakefront estate is a mere 26 miles from downtown San Diego, residents are whisked away into their own private world.
The sheer beauty of the design will leave you speechless, beginning with the exterior landscape. It owes its natural splendor to artist Brennan Hubbell, of the world renowned Hubbell family. The landscaping alone took six years to complete, no detail having gone unnoticed. Curtis Gabhart of Gabhart Investments has been involved with hundreds of properties in the San Diego area, but as he described, this one has a special appeal. “In all my travels around the world,” he describes, “this is truly one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever been to.”


A special thank you to Curtis Gabhart

for partnering with RES

In less than a decade Curtis has advanced rapidly in the Commercial Real Estate Industry which is reflected through his numerous achievements and affiliations. Curtis is the past President of the San Diego Commercial Realtors Association, a member of Board of Directors of the CCIM San Diego Chapter, has appeared on TLC’s Flip This House and was nominated for the Deal Maker of the Year Award in 2008.  Curtis’s passion for mentoring and sharing his learning is furthered through his membership on the Policy Advisory Board at the University of San Diego Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate.  He also teaches commercial real estate courses for the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) & San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR). 

Curtis has personally transacted more than $50 million in his own property deals as well as partnered in brokering deals in excess of $250 million for ACI Apartments Inc., a firm which has repeatedly been recognized as the most successful income property brokerage firm in San Diego. Curtis actually became the youngest partner in the history of ACI Apartments Inc. and that too in the shortest period of time.  Previously Curtis was the Sr. VP, an owner and principal of ACI Apartments Inc. who designed, developed and conducted the train, ng programs for all new agents while simultaneously managing the largest team of agents at ACI.  These programs have been so successful that he is currently in the process of getting several courses approved through the Department of Real Estate. Curtis has stepped down from the day to day operations at ACI to focus full-time on his other company Gabhart Investments, Inc.  

Curtis is the CEO of Gabhart Investments Inc. which is a privately held real estate firm specializing in acquiring, renovating and upgrading multi-family properties.  His firm provides expert services in property and asset management, acquisitions and dispositions, zoning and entitlements, real estate development, construction management, venture funding and related financial analysis as well as sales training and property investment consulting.  Through years of coaching and mentoring the organization clearly exhibits dedication, diligence, purpose integrity and value.

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