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   At RES, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. Occasionally, we even like to prove it -- sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but we're always eager to give it a shot. Here are some of our most notable awards and accomplishments.

2018 NAIOP University Challenge

1st Place


Teams were asked to create a development proposal that would recommend the best use of a 26 acre lot in Carlsbad on Avenida Encinas, right north of the Porsche and Volvo dealerships. The San Diego State University team chose to build a mixed use transit oriented development, incorporating a culinary school/community garden, a Multifamily Development, creative office, and a couple hotels. Six students affiliated with the school’s Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate won the eighth annual 2018 NAIOP University Challenge. Team Members Included Shelly Chen, Trey Golston, Cristian Goodson, Holly Miller, Jeremiah Taylor, and Nick Zalkow. 

2015 NAIOP University Challenge

1st Place

Teams were asked to create a development proposal that would recommend the best use of a 13-acre property in the Encanto Hills neighborhood of San Diego in accordance with the interests of the community and the property owner, the Jacobs Center for Innovation. The teams had to work within the parameters of a set master plan, which included a movie theatre and a parking structure. Six students affiliated with the school’s Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate won the fifth annual 2015 NAIOP University Challenge. Team Members Included Zach Lawless, Bryon Fisher, Abbie Hawkins, Jack Losey, and Madison Amaral.

2014 NAIOP University Challenge

1st Place

A team of San Diego State University undergraduate students took home the top prize in the fourth annual NAIOP (National Association for Industrial and Office Properties) University Challenge, making it the third time in four years that SDSU has won the top prize. 

The student teams were given the opportunity to develop a plan for the U.S. post office site located at Midway Drive in San Diego. "The challenge of this project was not only to find the best use of the land, but what also made the most sense," said Mark Goldman, team advisor and SDSU real estate lecturer. "Our team was the only one to offer a solution that included re-purposing many of the existing structures, along with the innovative use of converting shipping containers into prefabricated modular housing units."(Cbaweb.sdsu). Competing with students from UCSD and USD, the SDSU team pitched their unique idea in a Hilton ballroom packed full of San Diego real estate leaders. 

The student team from SDSU consisted of real estate majors Bharat Madan, Carolina Conway, Austin Harrison, Kelli Knapp, Ian Bradley, and finance major Jared Anderson. Go Aztecs!!!

2014 ABSC Green Award Recipient 

Also in 2014, the San Diego State Real Estate Society was awarded the green award for being a top environmentally sustainable organization. RES is making sure that we make smart sustainable choices to help the environment around us. Just doing small things like carpooling to events, sending out documents electronically, and using recyclable products makes all the difference!

2012 NAIOP University Challenge

1st Place

In 2012, RES members were back, competing to maintain our first place title. This time the rules were stricter, the time was more limited, and the competition was fierce. SDSU took the top spot again, beating out USD and UCSD.  


The winning entry was a build-to-suit office building in the heart of Little Italy.  

2011 NAIOP University Challenge

1st Place

In 2011, NAIOP (our industry's Commercial Real Estate Development Association) hosts San Diego's first annual University Challenge. The premise of the competition is to pit San Diego's local universities against each other in a competition to come up with the best development project for a particular subject property. Competing teams spend nearly two months researching, planning, and meeting with architects and builders to design the best development project. SDSU's team, consisting entirely of RES members, was considered the underdog going into the competition but came out the victor.

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