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Aidan Hopfner

Finance Director

Aidan is currently studying at San Diego State University, and will graduate with a Business Management Degree with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. He is the Treasurer of the Real Estate Society and has a California Real Estate Salesperson license. He is the owner of Just Turf, an Artificial Grass Installation Business. He worked in the flooring industry for years with Pacific Coast Carpet selling, installing and managing different aspects of the business. More recently he worked one-on-one with the President of City Bachi helping in marketing efforts, tracking sales and managing one of the locations. He was an intern with NorCal Business Sales learning how to value businesses and has now started with SD Business Advisors helping with business development where he hangs his Real Estate license. His goals are to connect with individuals that have entrepreneurial mindsets and to build everlasting relationships that make us all more successful.

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